Empower Your Employees

UNITH offers a solution to streamline the onboarding process for your employees in a structured and engaging way.  Enhance not only the effectiveness of training sessions but also the retention of important content.

With UNITH's Digital HR Manager, you can save your HR manager time, allowing them to focus on other crucial tasks.

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of Employees

Believe the company they work for has a satisfactory onboarding process


of Employees

Would be more committed to organisations that provide an exceptional onboarding experience


of Employees

Would stay at a company longer if the company invested in their learning and development

Value Props


Global Accessibility

Accessible in over 60 languages, Digital HR ensures inclusivity and reach across diverse employee populations.


Guide New Users

Unlike chatbots that may require human intervention for complex queries, Digital HR can handle new employee inquiries at any time. Automate routine inquiries, allowing HR managers to focus on strategic initiatives.


Real Time Access

Create conversations from your  knowledge base in real time. Deliver the same authentic message  to align across all employee interactions, regardless of language or time zone.