Our Mission

To re-invent the way businesses communicate with their audiences.

Company Values

Although Digital Humans are our bread and butter, at the heart of our company are our people. It's their spirit, office banter, and strong sense of community that propel us forward.
We're all about innovations that enrich human experiences and tackle real needs. Our AI solutions are designed to create meaningful value for everyone.
Navigating the ever-evolving world of AI tech is our forte. We stay nimble in the market, keeping current and responsive to the latest trends.
Our customers and partners are central to everything we do. We build trust, foster loyalty, and pave the way for sustainable success together.
We uphold the highest ethical standards, privacy, and accountability in AI development and deployment.
UNITH's Office Shooting BTS
UNITH's Developers Researching Digital Humans ReactionsUNITH's Commercial Team at MWC Barcelona 2024
UNITH's Office Vibes

Our AI Ethical Policy

Our Ethical Policy prioritizes the responsible use of digital technologies, focusing on human welfare and dignity. We aim to be transparent, protect data privacy, promote inclusivity, and foster innovation while avoiding harm to individuals and communities.

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Our Team

Idan Schmorak

Melanie Mouldenhauer

Rakan Sleiman
VP Product

Marcel Alcoverro
Tech Lead

Boris Salapa
Senior Product Manager

Ivan Dumancic
Head of Mobile

Mónica Ortega
R&D Engineer

Sofija Pivnuka
Social Media Manager

Roman Dobrynin
Senior Software Engineer

Carla Fernández Albert
Junior ML Engineer

Anniek Nelissen
Head of People

Julian Pretzsch
Software Engineer

Gianna Gard
Conversational Solution Partner

Albert Afrikyan
Senior Web Designer

Itziar Zabaleta Razquin
R&D Engineer

Jaap Voets
Senior Ruby Developer

Yelida Hofhuis-Perez Rivas
Senior Customer Support Representative

Felicia Blajan

Anthony Bain
Creative Writer

Juan Marcos Mervi
Full Stack Engineer

Diego Torres Freijeiro
Creative Manager

Maya Schmidt
HR Support Intern

Alexis Barragán Sánchez
Junior Product Localization Manager

Ilaicha Bostdorp
Operations Manager - Subscriptions

Diem Tran

Kevin Kiavue
Business Development Manager

Emanuele Lazzari
Site Reliability Engineer

George Hannagan
Finance Manager

Sara Lusi
Affiliate Manager

Andrea López Martín
Platform Team Engineer

Akram Hassan
Affiliate Marketing & Sales Intern

Kais Kacem
AI Operations Intern

Ali Amar
Head of Programmatic Media Buying


Sytze Voulon

Scott Mison
Non-Executive Director and Company Secretary

Justin Baird
Non-Executive Director

Gary Cox
Non-Executive Director