We’re not just B2B or B2C.
We’re Business to Human.

UNITH makes personal communication scalable to
any end user, delivering personal conversations for better
quality interactions, better data, and happier experiences.

Converse, Convert.

UNITH guides users along focused custom journeys.
Businesses in several industries already use Digital Humans to scale their customer communications.


  • Create a guided user experience to help your students or employees engage
  • Understand how end users best understand new concepts, with a platform that suits auditory, visual, or kinesthetic (practical) learners
  • Improve accessibility, with closed captioning and conversations in virtually any language


  • Organize experiences into lessons with clear performance indicators
  • Guide users through new concepts, step by step procedures, even simulate real-life scenarios
  • Enable end users to ask questions or request at any time that suits them, with no bottlenecks


  • Measure engagement metrics and users inputs
  • Test concepts and calculations, or practice scenarios
  • See where users understand material, and where they need more instruction.
  • Receive user feedback, get insight into questions to improve the conversation


  • Have users share scores to incentivize engagement
  • Embed directly in any existing browser or portal platform for 24/7, real-time conversation
  • Access modules from any device
  • Generate new lessons from source material seamlessly

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