UNITH partners with AZBillions for AI-Powered Digital Humans to enhance e-lottery experience

UNITH partners with AZBillions for AI-Powered Digital Humans to enhance e-lottery experience

by on July 11, 2023

UNITH is pleased to report it has secured a purchase order to deploy AI-powered digital humans on a global scale to AZBillions, an e-lottery platform revolutionising the way users interact with global lotteries.

Tailored Digital Humans for Enhanced User Experience

As part of this partnership, UNITH will customise our cutting-edge digital humans to cater to specific regions and user preferences within the AZBillions platform. These digital humans will be meticulously designed with language proficiency, visual appearances, voices, and facial expressions that align with the unique characteristics of each deployed region.

Unveiling the First Digital Human for Latin America

The inaugural digital human will be specifically programmed for the Latin America region. Fluent in Spanish, this AI-powered virtual assistant will engage AZBillions users in their native language, providing comprehensive support in various aspects of the platform, including online lottery ticket purchases, customer support, and even upselling opportunities.

Seamless Conversations and Personalised Assistance

By integrating UNITH’s AI technology into the AZBillions platform, users in Latin America will experience a heightened level of engagement and assistance. Our digital human will converse effortlessly, understanding and responding to user queries in a natural and intuitive manner. Whether users need guidance on ticket purchases, clarification on lottery rules, or assistance with account management, the digital human will provide personalised and real-time support.

Enhanced Trust and User Satisfaction

The presence of AI-powered digital humans on the AZBillions platform will instil a sense of trust and reliability amongst users. These virtual assistants will possess a human-like presence, enabling users to form a deeper connection with the platform. The digital human’s ability to empathise, understand regional nuances, and offer tailored recommendations will enhance the overall user satisfaction and make the lottery experience more enjoyable.

Unleashing the Power of AI in E-Lottery

This collaboration between UNITH and AZBillions represents a significant leap forward in the integration of AI technology within the e-lottery industry. By introducing AI-powered digital humans, UNITH and AZBillions are pioneering a new era of customer engagement and support in online lottery platforms.

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