Share Purchase Plan

Unith’s Share Purchase Plan is now open to eligible shareholders that held UNT shares on 10 February 2023 (Record Date).

Eligible shareholders can subscribe for up to $30,000 in UNT shares at an Offer Price of $0.033 per New Share at the same Offer Price as the Placement.

To participate, eligible shareholders can click below and follow the following instructions to download their personalised application and acceptance form.

Download SPP Application Form
  1. Go to:
  2. Select “Individual Investment Access”
  3. Enter “Unith Ltd” as the Issuer
  4. If you are a HIN-based holder, select Chess as your Holding Type, and enter your HIN and corresponding holder details. Your HIN will start with X followed by 10 digits
  5. Click Validate
  6. Review the Terms and Conditions, Accept if you wish to proceed
  7. Click “Statement & Advices” from the menu
  8. Select “Unith Ltd – Share Purchase Plan”
  9. To apply for an allocation, make a BPAY payment using the BPAY reference number on your personalised form. Upon issuing of the SPP shares, new shares will appear in the same location as the shares attracted to your HIN.
The SPP will aim to raise up to $500,000 and UNITH may close the SPP early if the target is met before the Closing Date on 30 March 2023. Full details of the SPP are available in this SPP Booklet.

Please note that if you hold UNT shares via an online retail broker in a custodial account (eg, Superhero, IG or Interactive Brokers) rather than on a CHESS-sponsored HIN, you will need to contact your broker for information on your eligibility.

Funds raised from the SPP will be applied towards adding advanced ChatGPT-driven conversational AI features into the Talking Head platform and upsizing the development and commercial teams. This will enable Unith to increase sales capacity and advance the scalability of the platform and capitalise on global interest in conversational AI products that can automate traditional human labour.

At present, the addressable market for conversational AI is valued at $9.3 billion per annum but is forecast to reach $93.3 billion by 2030 – a growth rate of 23.6% according to PWC. You can learn more about this market opportunity in our recent Investor Presentation.

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