Digital Human interactions improve employee satisfaction and loyalty

Digital Human interactions improve employee satisfaction and loyalty

by on April 21, 2023

The Onboarding Experience

First impressions wield significant influence in the workplace, holding sway over both employers and new hires. It’s not just about employers projecting a strong and likeable presence during interviews to attract top talent; it’s also about providing new recruits with a memorable onboarding experience that leaves a lasting impact. This experience can profoundly affect their productivity, satisfaction, and loyalty to the company.

According to research by Brandon Hall Group, the initial 90 days of a new job are pivotal in cultivating loyalty among team members, making personalized onboarding experiences essential. Beyond boosting productivity by up to 70%, a successful onboarding journey fosters a sense of contribution and value from day one. It helps newcomers adapt to their work environment, integrate into the company culture, and enhance their sense of self-worth within the organization.

Thanks to technology and automation, Human Resource (HR) departments now have a tangible opportunity to streamline and perfect the art of employee onboarding using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Many companies are already harnessing AI and automation within their HR departments.

Establishing more emotional and empathetic connections.

AI excels in managing employee data and analytics behind the scenes, but it can also be deployed in the front-end realm—through digital humans. These computer-generated characters closely resemble real humans in appearance, voice, and interaction. Augmented with AI capabilities, digital humans combine the best of both worlds: AI and human conversation. They enable companies to establish more emotional and empathetic connections with their employees.

Digital humans prove highly effective in improving information retention. Visual stimuli generate faster and stronger reactions than words alone, enhancing user engagement. These emotional reactions directly impact the speed and effectiveness of information retention. Digital humans can be programmed to promote best workplace practices, provide up-to-date product knowledge, deliver industry-specific training, and emphasize safety and business protocols.

Transforming onboarding

At UNITH, the digital human onboarding process begins with a guided user experience, employing technology to deliver training videos and professional development courses presented by digital humans. It incorporates employee feedback and collects data to optimize the understanding of new concepts, catering to auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learners.

Beyond transforming onboarding into a dynamic, two-way communication process, the Digital Humans platform enhances accessibility by offering closed captioning for individuals with hearing impairments. It also supports multilingual conversations, catering to employees whose first language may not be English or organizations operating globally with diverse native languages.

Following the creation of the guided user experience, the training process commences. Lessons are organized with clear performance objectives and indicators. Users are guided through new concepts, step-by-step procedures, and even simulated case studies and real-life scenarios. Acting as a tireless HR representative, digital humans allow end users to ask questions or make requests at their convenience, free from time constraints.

Performance objectives and engagement metrics are captured to identify areas of comprehension and areas that require further instruction. This may involve concept tests, calculations, or practice scenarios. User feedback and insights are then analyzed to enhance the conversation and optimize future onboarding experiences for incoming hires.

Ultimately, the deployment of digital humans significantly streamlines the recruitment and onboarding processes. The Talking Head platform is accessible from any device and anywhere, seamlessly embedded into existing browsers or portal platforms for real-time, 24/7 conversation. This empowers new hires to adapt their lesson plans accordingly, generating new lessons from source material without relying on manual updates.

In conclusion

As an expert in conversational AI digital humans, UNITH’s technology leverages its primary value proposition to guide more companies into AI-powered recruitment. Real-time conversations, captured employee inputs, guided experiences, testing, user input for model training, and scalable experiences for new employees are the foundations of their approach.

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